1) Secure the shaft with one hand, press up on the metal lever, then twist the buckle clip

2) Loop the 2 wires and fit them inside the shaft, then jiggle in the handlebars

3) Find the smallest hex wrench and the 4 screws in the box. Screw them in.

4) After finishing, turn on your scooter to make sure it works then install the app


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If your shaft is shaking, please use the largest allen wrench to tighten the screws on the outside of the buckle. If your shaft is mis-aligned, check the screw located on the inside of the buckle (when folded)

If you feel the brakes are too tight or too loose, turn the small knob located on the brake pad to extend or contract the brake line. If your brake disk is rubbing on the pads, use your biggest allen wrench to loosen and then re-seat the brake pad.

If your scooter’s front and rear tires are low on air, remove the front and rear caps. Tighten the extension of the pump to the caps and inflate to 50PSI or until tight.