About Us

In September of 2019, inspired by a lifestyle that is faster than normal, two college friends from Minnesota had the idea to start a scooter company. One of them did it.

Being in college is a time crunch and getting around efficiently can be a huge problem. We already knew about Limes, Birds, Spins and other ride-share scooters. They were a lot of fun, but had their own problems. Not only were they limiting, we were also going broke using them every day! That’s when we came up with the idea to design our own scooters and customize them. It was a blast and it changed the college experience for us. 


Everyday we got together to go whip around. It was our way, whenever we wanted.


Our scooters were decked out and people kept asking us where we got them. The feeling I got from these experiences was priceless. In order to share this lifestyle that I came to love so much, I created Skrrrt Scooters as a real brand.


No matter what scooter you have, enjoy it, and keep on SKRRRTing!