We currently charge $120 per hour with a +30% surcharge on all parts sourced. 

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you understand that, when dropping a PEV off, unless you are able to point out the issue, with an explanation, a diagnosis will take place. You will be charged for this diagnosis even if you do not decide to have Skrrrt Scooters LLC repair your PEV. Following a diagnosis you will be given a quote and a specific diagnosis along with a solution. At this point you may choose to accept or deny the work. No matter your choice, you still must pay for a diagnosis. 

A “Regular Drop Off” and “Regular Pick Up” are initially scheduled free of charge. If you miss a booked Regular Drop Off or Regular Pick Up, there will be a $10 fee added on to your total. Whether you get a diagnosis, repair, or both. 

Storage fees amount(s) and timelines are based on the sole discretion of Skrrrt Scooters LLC. Storage fees can begin before, after, or during a repair. Not to exceed $20 per day. You will be given 24-48 hours notice of the storage fee, acting as a grace period to pick up your PEV. The Storage fee is only used to promote quick pickup and will never intentionally be used maliciously. Again, rates are up to the discretion of Skrrrt Scooters LLC in addition to the start time of a storage fee.