This scooter is a high quality scooter that’s built to last, and be repaired with ease. It absolutely destroys the rebranded garbage* quality scooters like Zero’s and Emove’s. In comparison, from our testing, the Hero S9 is a truly high quality product. No expense spared. Custom engineered very thoughtfully by people who know what they’re doing. You won’t find any rebrands of Heros ever. Hero brand through and through. We are very excited to start retailing the S9 for the first time in the U.S.

It’s truly game-changing, bringing Xiaomi commuter scooter quality to the mid-performance scooters for the first time.

If there’s any doubt, come and take a test ride and let us talk about it!




This 600 watt brushless outrunner rear hub motor packs more than 1200 watts of peak power and powers you to over 32 mph. The motor design is genius, too. There’s no gears, chains, belts, or transmission of any kind! Just pure direct-drive reliability.


If you’ve had your share of no-suspension rental scooters bouncing you to death, try full suspension! The S9’s dual rear shocks and front monoshock make the ride feel like floating in comparison.


The S9 features 8.5 inch pneumatic (air-filled) tires with easy tire change technology.* Front and rear drum brakes and adjustable regenerative braking by the rear motor bring you to a stop quickly and reliably.

*Split rims, inner tubes, quick-disconnect motor, plug-and-play automotive grade connectors, and the included multitool make servicing your own scooter as easy as possible. We believe in the “right to repair”, unlike so many other modern devices. If you bought your expensive device, why can’t you repair it yourself?


An easy, adjustable folding mechanism helps the S9 fold into a space of just 105.5 (L) x 20.7 (W) x 33.5 (H) centimeters. The handlebars even fold in half!


A gamer’s e-scooter IRL! Sporting bright, programmable RGB LED light bars on the sides, no one will miss your drip. Roll in style as you carve your way around town, while being safely visible to other vehicles and pedestrians. Adjust patterns, brightness, and colors to your liking in the app.


With a long and stable wheelbase, there’s even space for two. If you feel cramped or unstable on rental scooters, this might be your solution.